3 INCHES OF BLOOD Vocalist Selling His Bass Guitar

3 Inches of Blood vocalist Cam Pipes is looking to sell his ’96 Fender Precision bass.  Cam posted about the sale on the band’s Facebook page.  Go hit up Cam there if you’re interested!



I (Cam) am selling my 1996 Fender Precision bass (made in USA). It has been used in various recording sessions including Fire Up The Blades, Here Waits Thy Doom, and Long Live Heavy Metal as well as some touring. There are a few nicks and scrapes to be expected, but its in excellent shape for the amount of action its seen.
I will not ship this instrument, so if you’re in the Vancouver area or can make it here and you wanna take a look at it contact me through my page – http://www.facebook.com/campipes

ABSOLUTELY NO TRADES, I’M SERIOUS!. More pics available upon request.






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