VVT – Symptoms Of Sin

New Jersey act VVT unleash that heavy metal we all love and grew up to know so well.  VVT’s latest, Symptoms Of Sin, has this classic rock/metal vibe to it while kicking a ton of ass at the same time!  With loads of heavy distortion, melodic heavy metal, and some acoustic breaks making up the majority, VVT is a heavy hitter and one to be reckoned with.  The beauty of Symptoms Of Sin is that VVT really makes the most out of their melodies, and is able to create an album full of quality songs, not worrying about being the fastest, br00talest, or most technical band out there.  Whether hitting heavy with the metal assaults or unleashing an alternative metal side, VVT’s song structure is solid. 

Diving into Symptoms Of Sin, there are plenty of singles to rock your socks off such as “You’re My Punishment”, and “Never Died Before”, which give a raw yet accessible approach.  Make sure you take note of Gil PZ’s vocal delivery, because this guy can growl, howl, and everything in between, putting that extra exclamation mark in their music!  VVT also knows their traditional thrash pretty well, where they let that shine in “Wake Of The White Devil”.  Whatever method of attack they take, even with the hearty doses of alternative metal, VVT seems to use it to their advantage well.   

Symptoms Of Sin unleashes a ton of soul, rock and roll, and most importantly, the classic metal that we all seem to take for granite these days.  Take a second, pause, and check back into metal’s roots, and Symptoms Of Sin in a way acts like a reminder to the glory days, with a classic sort of evil in the mix.  Fans of loud heavy metal need to check out VVT now.  


Rating: 7.5/10
Label: unsigned
Website: http://www.myspace.com/VTTrocks

By Alex Gilbert

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