Troll – Neo-Satanic Supremacy

There are very few bands that can pull off extreme black metal, the real way of doing it, that is.  Bands that always seem to come to mind first are Dimmu Borgir and Behemoth.  Well now you had better add TROLL to that list.  The selling point that is going to catch your eye first is that ex-Dimmu Borgir / The Kovenant vocalist Nagash is summoning Satan in TROLL with his cold, grim, and pure evil rasps.  To be honest the band really does sound a lot like Dimmu Borgir, but the big difference is that TROLL unleashes more of a classic kind of evil.  Yes there are plenty of extreme brutalized riffs with some blastbeats, and even those dark symphonic parts that Dimmu Borgir does so well, but those of you tr00 (too kVlt for you) black metal fans will also find a lot to love about TROLL, too!  The band takes a ton of classic black metal to the helm, and in my eyes finds the perfect crossover point, so regardless of how you like your black metal to sound, everyone should be able to get into TROLL’s latest Napalm Records masterpiece, Neo-Satanic SupremacyTROLL has been around since 1992, eventually trailed off to become Nagash’s side project, and it wasn’t until 2007 the band would become a whole once again.  I’m sure glad they did.

TROLL’s blasphemous attack continues throughout Neo-Satanic Supremacy with great symphonic black metal, crushing guitar work, and drumming that tick franticly to your doom.  Album opener “Til Helvete Med Alt” is absolutely crazy: fast, cold, grim, and has some great melodies which the symphonic arrangements play alongside to.  It’s great because the symphonic parts are never overplayed, and “Til Helvete Med Alt” really introduces you to the unholy force that is TROLL.  “Morkets Skoger” unleashes all hell coming out with an eerie and powerful symphonic arrangement, dark melodies, and one phenomenal vocal command by Nagash.  The time changes in “Morkets Skoger” are great, switching back and forth from fast as fuck Christ grinding tremolo picking to that slaying black metal pounding you down to the depths of hell.  The album closer, “Age Of Satan” ends on such a strong and epic note, and TROLL certainly proves their point that they can hang with the big dogs.  They really perfect that classic blackened evil sound and Nagash’s chant of “This is the age of Satan, God is dead” definitely pursues TROLL’s message in a straight forward manner.  An excellent song and definitely an excellent album. 

It’s also incredible how TROLL seems to expand their sound with every step – play Neo-Satanic Supremacy from start to finish and hear for yourself.  TROLL is damn near the unholy and apocalyptic black metal force at its finest. This is the evil of 2010!  Go buy it now!


Rating: 8.5/10
Label: Napalm Records

Written by: Alex Gilbert

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