Black Sabbath on eBay

An original Master of Reality master tape set, consisting of two Ampex 456 quarter-inch tapes, in good condition, is being auctioned via eBay. A posting on the auction page states, “These are the real deal from a Swedish private collection, and a rare opportunity to own a piece of music history”.

The bands third album, Master of Reality was recorded at Island Studios in London, U.K. between February and April 1971, and produced by Rodger Bain, who has been at the helm on their previous two releases. The album was released later the same year, and had a much darker and heavier sound, which was said to have influenced the metal sub-genres known as doom metal, and stoner rock.

Master of Reality was certified double platinum by the RIAA, (Recording Industry Assoxiation of America) for sales in excessof two million copies in the U.S.


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