Super 8-bit Brothers Debut Album Streaming on Spinner

Super 8-bit Brothers, the video game obsessed duo consisting of Rob Kleiner and Kevin Gibson of Tub Ring are thrilled to announce the release of their synth-heavy debut entitled Brawl, which was inspired by both the sounds and games of Atari 2600 and Nintendo.

Brawl is currently streaming for free on AOL Spinner.

Brawl Tracklisting:

1. Cyber Space Sirens / Computer Casanovas
2. The Shadow Me
3. Blinky Loves Pepper
4. Skillz
5. 2600 Refugee
6. Roll It Up
7. Armies Unlimited
8. 8 Bit Lullaby
9. Goodbye Cruel World (of Warcraft)
10. All Directions
11. Cheap-O
12. Don’t Sell the Barrels to the Monkey
13. Brawl
14. Geeks No More
15. Next Generation

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