Brain Drill Complete Work on “Quantum Catastrophe”

BRAIN DRILL has completed work on their follow up to 2008’s tech death masterpiece, Apocalyptic Feasting. The band will again take fans on a mind-melting voyage through the boundaries of exactly how incredibly technical death metal can be. Quantum Catastrophe continues to push the band to their physical limits while somehow still exhibiting their trademark and infectious hook-laden riffs.

Guitarist Dylan Ruskin adds some insight into the musical process;

“The album was definitely a huge accomplishment in the chronicling of the drill. The musical dynamics and skill level of everyone in the band have improved much more than the previous album. The songs are more technical and musically diverse but are also well balanced and catchy, including several bass breaks by Ivan Munguia and two songs written and recorded on guitar by him, entitled Awaiting Eminent Destruction and Mercy To None. Stay tuned for more.”

Quantum Catastrophe again features cover art by Par Olofsson ( Get a taste for the new material being played live below:

Brain Drill is:

  • Dylan Ruskin — guitar
  • Steve Rathjen — vocals
  • Ivan Munguia — bass
  • Ron Casey — drums

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