Ozzy Osbourne Guitarist GUS G. Talks about Gigging with Ozzy

_GusG-news2Check out this interview with Gus G., guitarist for the Godfather of Heavy Metal, Ozzy Osbourne and Firewind.  Gus talks about his early years as a musician at Berklee College, landing the gig with Ozzy, writing with Firewind, his favorite songs from previous Ozzy Guitar Gods, and much more.

Gus on touring with Ozzy: “It’s been an amazing ride so far! The whole tour was just incredible. Playing around the world in the biggest venues and headlining the biggest festivals, being a part of such a big production and playing with Ozzy, it’s just mind blowing. We had great times on this tour, we really worked all as a team and I think we did some great gigs. Of course every moment you spend with Ozzy is precious. The stories, the advices, the jokes and of course all the gigs, it was just fantastic. Ozzy’s an amazing person, it’s hard not to love this guy”

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