SEPULTURA Guitarist to Perform at Jimi Hendrix Celebration

jimi-hendrixSepultura guitarist Andreas Kisser will perform at “Hendrix 70” a celebration to acknowledge the talent of Jimi Hendrix.  The event will take place on February 1-3 at the SESC Vila Mariana in Sao Paulo, Brazil.


  • Andreas Kisser (guitar and vocals)
  • Edgard Scandura (guitar and vocals)
  • Helio Flanders (vocals)
  • Lanny Gordin (guitar)
  • Martin (guitar and vocals)
  • Pitty (vocals)

Musical direction: Loco Sosa and Du Moreira


  • Du Moreira (bass)
  • Loco Sosa (drums)
  • Estevan Sinkovitz (guitar)



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