Saros No More?

San Francisco Bay Area metal act SAROS, which features in its ranks members of AMBER ASYLUM, BASTARD NOISE, and WEAKLING, has issued the following update:

“We’ve been rather silent for months, so it’s time for a new update.

“For now, we have decided to put SAROS on hold indefinitely. We’re not officially breaking up, but each one of us feels for various reasons that doing the band doesn’t make sense at this moment in time. This may change sometime down the road, or it may not. We can only speak for how we feel at the present moment, and we’ve always held to the belief that we should stop when it feels right to stop, and not force things creatively. That said, we thought we’d let you know what each member has been up to lately, as each of us been quite busy outside of SAROS.

Tim [Scammell, bass] and Sam [Foster, drums] have been active with their psych rock trio HOLLOW MIRRORS, having already played a few gigs late last year. Ben [Aguilar, guitar] has been enjoying not having to commute to San Francisco from his hometown San Jose with his new fast punk/metal band, BOAR HUNTER, which features members of ANGRY 4 LIFE, APEFACE, UZI SUICIDE, etc. Leila [Rauf, guitar/vocals], still active with AMBER ASYLUM, has teamed up with three members of S.F.’s ACEPHALIX to form crust/death metal crossover VASTUM.

“Thanks to everyone who has supported SAROS over the past six years; we really appreciate it. But now it’s time for a break…”

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