Ion Dissonance Bringing Extreme Back, In The Studio

Montreal extreme metal purists, ION DISSONANCE are currently holed up at .357 Productions with Ion guitar player Antoine Lussier (who also produced Emmure’s latest) at the production helm. The much anticipated new effort is tentatively set for an early summer release and fans can expect a more refined and streamlined approach that just goes straight for the jugular with a frenetic assault of the band’s trademarked mathematic brutality. Stay tuned to their MySpace for current updates and touring schedule.

Kevin (vocals) further states:

“So we are currently wrapping up our third week in the studio. The drum tracks have been completed and we are now halfway through recording guitars. Everything is going a hell of a lot better than we could ever expect. As a result, we are all stoked beyond belief at how retarded these new tracks sound.

“Have you ever noticed that every band recording lately tends to release the exact same quote? ‘This recording is the best ever put out, and the songs are the best ever written, and blah blah blah.’ Well, we want to switch it up a little bit and mention that this recording will be what you make it out to be.

“You have all noticed that ION DISSONANCE has been off the road at home for the last few years. This gave us the opportunity to work out new tracks and take them in a new direction. We wanted to make sure everything was well polished before recording a single note. The end result is astonishing. It’s exactly what you would expect from us, a band who is pissed off and ready to take this game to a whole new level.

“The Breathing Is Irrelevant and Solace albums brought about a solid fanbase of tech heads that whine and complain about Minus The Herd being too simplistic. What we wanted to do with this new effort is to find the perfect balance between both without being categorized in a single genre. Once that was achieved, we wanted to turn up a notch in terms of extremeness. That’s pretty much where we’re at. More news to follow soon.”

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