Members of Nevermore, Mercenary, Biomechanical, Nmemic, and Chaoswave form ONEMACHINE

onemachineband2013Ex-Nevermore guitarist Steve Smyth has teamed up with Mikkel Sandager of Mercenary (vocals), Jamie Hunt of Biomechanical (guitars), Tomas “O’Beast” Koefoed of Nmemic (bass), and Raphael Saini of Chaoswave (drums) and created One Machine.

“Jamie’s playing complements mine extremely well, and we hit it off perfectly when we got together to work on the songs,” says Smyth.

“When our former bands toured together, I got to witness night after night exactly what Mikkel could do; deliver a solid performance with an incredible range, as well as multiple characters in his voice,” says Steve. “He’s perfect for this band!”

Saini lived up to Modern Drummer’s assessment of him as “a drum assassin; cold blooded, precise, and brutal.” Smyth says: “Raph surprised me with his ability in delivering these tracks. He totally killed it!”

“Tomas is, without a doubt, one of the most solid bassists I’ve encountered in some time!” says Smyth. “He literally added an entirely new dimension to these songs that would not have been possible to be achieved without him.”

Stay tuned for the band’s debut this summer with a debut album and European festival dates.





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