METALLICA’s Robert Trujillo Plays Cliff Burton Solo on New Cliff Burton Signature Bass

I could kick myself in the ass for missing the NAMM show this year, especially  now that I hear that Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo made a surprise appearance at the Aria Guitars booth.  Robert played “(Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth” which was the late bassist Cliff Burton’s bass solo on the band’s Kill ‘Em All album.  Robert did the solo on the new Aria Pro II Cliff Burton Signature Bass. Check out video footage below.

Cliff’s father, Ray Burton, he stated: “What a beautiful instrument and a wonderful tribute to Cliff. The first year Cliff was with METALLICA he played a Rickenbacker guitar that he purchased in 1982. He loved his guitar, but he did not feel it was a strong enough instrument to withstand the rugged treatment of the daily rigors of heavy metal touring. Early in 1984, Cliff was treated to an Aria Pro II bass guitar. He really liked it and therefore did not seek any other bass to play. He told me it was strong and ideal to play. I never heard a discouraging word about his Aria bass guitars. To give testament to his preference, he had several of them at the time of his death.”


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