Masquerade Bartender Needs Help – ASAP

For anyone that has been to The Masquerade in Atlanta, Ga. Probably has met Maggie.. She lost EVERYTHING in a fire last night while she worked.. She needs help as much as possible, since she is also 3months pregs.

REPOST IMMEDIATELY!!! to donate money through paypal for my friend Maggie who lost EVERYTHING in an apartment fire this morning. PLEASE HELP! She is a soon to be first time mother without insurance and really needs our help! Donations can also be brought to Masquerade and given to any bartender or Charlie the General Manager.

One thought on “Masquerade Bartender Needs Help – ASAP

  1. Looking for bands to play a benefit show at the Masquerade Feb. 5th, 2010..

    “What I need now are bands to play at the benefit on February 5th. I lost a ridiculous amount …of cash that was already spent. Please let me know if you have ideas of bands that would play!”

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