MUNICIPAL WASTE, EXHUMED, CATTLE DECAPITATION and More to be in “Metaldudes Cats Book”

596_388732481206110_164554644_nIsis, Skeletonwitch, Morbid Angel, Lightning Swords Of Death, Municipal Waste, Holy Grail, Nausea, Exhumed, Phobia and Cattle Decapitation are a few of the bands that are included in the photographic content of “Metaldudes Cats Book” with some of the bands submitting their own photos of themselves and their kitties.

532277_388732811206077_532886639_n“Metaldudes Cats Book” is a photography book dedicated to the creative and incredible people within the metal music scene and their cats. This book is intended to not only celebrate the beauty of the people photographed (and their adorable kitties), but also to transcend the judgement placed on the metal scene, which sometimes is characterized as violent, hateful and misanthropic.

Once published, proceeds from the book will go toward no-kill cat shelters along the West Coast. With support from dedicated animal advocates such as Greg Ginn, Donald Tardy, Gitane Demone and artist Christophe Szpajdel, “Metaldudes Cats Book” shows that while the music may be brutal, depressive, or extreme, the people in the scene are amazingly compassionate and affectionate, especially towards their pets.

il_570xN.361563609_r12vAlexandra Crockett began the “Metaldudes Cats Book” project in 2010 when she decided to ask her cat-loving, metal-loving friends if they would be interested in a photo project. Their reaction: excitement and delight.

“The metal scene has long been thought of as a culture of people who are into dark, depressing, even disturbing imagery and ideas,” she explains. “I believe that in a lot of ways, these portrayals have spilled over into judgments of people’s character as well. In general, these judgments are not only negative, but also incorrect. This, of course, can also be said of the portrayal of men in our society.”

Contact if you are interested in becoming involved/participating in the “Metaldudes Cats Book”. You can donate directly through PayPal using the email

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