TESTAMENT To Film Upcoming New York Concert for 90-Minute DVD

testamentovertourTestament’s upcoming concert on February 15 at the Paramount Theatre in Huntington, New York as part of “The Dark Roots Of Thrash” tour will be professionally filmed for a 90-minute DVD.

Vocalist Chuck Billy stated about the band’s current tour: “We have a new show, with new songs that we are going to perform. We had previously played three legs of a tour with Anthrax, so we are trying to put in some new songs for this one, do a new show. We also plan on filming a DVD on this tour. We did a couple live DVDs/CDs, and we want to do some songs that are not on those, and to create something new … Our set will be about an hour and a half, with five songs off of the new record, Dark Roots Of Earth.”

The band’s set list for the February 9 concert at The Masquerade in Atlanta, Georgia was as follows:

01. Rise Up
02. More Than Meets The Eye
03. Burnt Offerings
04. Native Blood
05. True American Hate
06. Dark Roots Of Earth
07. Into The Pit
08. Practice What You Preach
09. Riding The Snake
10. Eyes Of Wrath
11. Trial By Fire
12. The Haunting
13. The New Order
14. D.N.R. (Do Not Resuscitate)
15. 3 Days In Darkness
16. The Formation Of Damnation

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