KILMARA Releases Details Regarding Upcoming Album


Kilmara have released  more details of their upcoming album, Love Songs And Other Nightmares.  The band has to say:

“We want to inform our fans that the release of our new album Love Songs and other Nightmares need longer as expected. After listening the pre-mix, we’ve realized that it’s not only the third record in our career, we want it to be the most perfect album we’ve ever recorded, that’s why we started thinking about new collaborations and elements. We cannot announce a release date yet, we’ll do things in the best way, our goal is to create a great piece of heavy metal.”

Kilmara have enlisted former Xeru, Chaman and DM X Project guitarist David Muñoz to lay down guitar solos on the song “Devil’s Eye” and former of Catalonian’s Death Metal band Resilience, guitarist and singer Pilar Villatobas on guest vocals with her guttural voice for the song “Fantasy“.


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