An Introduction to Norton 360

Are you searching for the best Windows protection software on the market? Look no further – Symantec has your answer. Norton 360 is a powerful, all-in-one security application for Windows operating systems (XP and up) that includes functions for all aspects of network and computer security. Symantec has created this security suite as a way to keep users working confidently on their systems. An antivirus, personal firewall, phishing protection program, backup and restore, and PC tune-up options are all included to keep your computer running safely and smoothly.

The latest version of Norton 360 offers brand new features and improvements on others that make this software better than both its competition and its predecessors. Immediately upon installation it will provide proactive security, so you can work online while knowing you’re protected. The super-fast Internet threat-detection layer will catch threats before they can even reach your computer, while the antivirus threat-removal layer will kill even the most harmful of viruses. Meanwhile, the most recent version includes improvements in social networking protection, network defense, and anti-scam capabilities. Regardless of what your system has been infected with, Norton 360 will remove it completely, ensuring that no serious implications arise.

Consumers can purchase this from antivirusbarn in the standard or Premiere edition, the only difference being the amount of online storage available for backup and restore. In addition to purchasing Norton 360, which can be done online at the Norton website or in any computer store across the world, extensions for parental controls and email spam filtering are also available. Subscriptions for one year or two years (for usage on 3 computers), with easy renewal opportunity, can be purchased. To learn more about Norton 360 features and benefits, visit

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