Leng Tch’e Wrap Up New Album

LENG TCH’E have zipped out a fan-friendly update to all worthy news outlets, us included. Have a read below, it sounds like they’re done with their new album:

First of all, a happy new year to all of you. May 2010 be filled with
unmentionable brutality and sickness. We knows ours will be!

Regarding the new album, everything is finished and Mr Russ Russell is
finalizing the master as we speak. This is by far the heaviest and
most extreme record we’ve ever made, and if that wasn’t enough, the
legendary Mr Barney Greenway himself laid down some guest vocals on a
little song called “Totalitarian”. Brutal as feck, as they apparently
say in the Midlands.

We are also close to finalizing a new record deal which I alas cannot
yet share with the world. But rest assured it will take Leng Tch’e to
places before unseen. All I can say is the new record will be released
in May, so prepare for a summer filled with razorgrind mayhem!
In the meantime we’ve got a bunch of shows lined up in Belgium,
Holland, Germany, Austria and Russia! That’s right, Leng Tch’e is
going to Moscow… nazdrovje!

Here’s some pics of us being the consummate professionals that we are

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