Be a Part of the HELLYEAH / JEREMY CLEMENTS Fan Sponsored Nascar Wrap


It’s Hellyeah at 180 MPH! Hellyeah and FanPyre are embarking on a first of its kind socially activated partnership uniquely connecting musicians and race car drivers, powered authentically through emotive fan participation.

This fan collaboration will culminate with a Hellyeah cobranded car driven by Jeremy Clements at Richmond April 26, 2013. Participating fan sponsors will have their name decaled on the car, which is scheduled to race live on ESPN 2, exclusive Hellyeah music rewards and digital gifts.

Fan Sponsor Rewards:

  • 1. You help Hellyeah get their album cover on this hood
  • 2. Your name decaled on the car racing live on ESPN
  • 3. A digital copy of the new single from Hellyeah
  • 4. A digital poster of the race ready Hellyeah car
  • 5. A digital Band of Brothers poster
  • 6. An invite to an exclusive online listening party
  • 7. A discount to a Hellyeah show near you
  • 8. Entered in our VIP cash & prizes giveaway


Join the Hellyeah team

Hellyeah released their newest album, Band of Brothers, in July.








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