Elephant Mountain Born Out Of Brand New Sin

Joe Altier and Brian “Slider” Azzoto have formed a new group called ELEPHANT MOUNTAIN with other local Syracuse musicians and are recording their first full length album.

Joe Altier says:

“In January of 2009, Slider and I began jamming again. It had been 5 years since we had played together and to be honest it felt like no time had passed. Both of us had been thru a lot in 2008 and those circumstances brought our friendship right back together. Our guitar player John Hanus is the one who pushed us to work together again. So on a fateful night a year ago ELEPHANT MOUNTAIN was born. We slowly wrote and jammed for the past year and have written one HELL of a pure rock and roll record!! It’s tough to describe what the sound is like other than it’s a classic sounding rock band. In BRAND NEW SIN we always teetered on the fence, are we heavy metal, are we rock. Well my friends ELEPHANT MOUNTAIN is just a rock band, plain and simple!! We started tracking this record a few months back. We tracked the drums at MORE SOUND here in Syracuse and now we are tracking guitars, bass and such in our practice room. Once they are done I will be going back to MORE SOUND to track my vocals. I wish the process could move a little faster but all of us in this band are busy with other projects as well. The plan is to be mixing this album in late March with plans of releasing it sometime in the late spring/early summer. How will be releasing it you ask? Well at this point we don’t know, could be with a label, could be on our own. Right now our focus is just making a great record and we will sort out those logistics later. Too many times now a days bands are to quick to make those decisions before they make the best possible record they can make. We are in no hurry. We will let the music do the talking and let the rest sort itself out. Basically to think we are going to become MEGA rock stars because of this album is just crazy. We are just having fun making great music and hope that people dig it. With that being said our first OFFICIAL show will happen on April 10th @ The Lost Horizon here in sunny Syracuse, NY. More details on this show will be announced within the next few weeks so all of you will have plenty of time to make arrangements to be at this show. It will a ripper I am sure!!”

In the meantime stay tuned to http://www.elephant-mountain.com for all the latest.


  • Joe Altier — Vocals
  • Brian “Slider” Azzoto — Guitar/Backing Vocals
  • Lewk Detor — Drums
  • John Hanus — Guitar
  • Dave Hoyt — Bass

Footage of ELEPHANT MOUNTAINS first secret show can be viewed here

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