HUMANITY DELETE Releases Video for “Frozen Apparition”

Humanity Delete have released the video for the track “Frozen Apparition” from their debut album, Never Ending Nightmares which was released on December 4, 2012.  Check it out below.


According to the press release, “”Frozen Apparition” features guest guitar solos from Lasse Pyykko of Hooded Menace and examines the Yuki-Onna, a female spirit from ancient Japanese folklore that is known to appear during snowstorms and lure her victims outside to meet an icy death.

Future Humanity Delete albums will continue with the paranormal experiences while also adding post-apocalyptic themes into the mix for a killer combination.”



Paranormal Death Metal with Grind/Punk influences. Debut album, Never Ending Nightmares OUT NOW!! Order it from

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