KROKUS Reveals New Mascot – Da Dög

krokusdogCoinciding with the release of their new album Dirty Dynamite today in Europe (North America on March 5), Krokus has also revealed the band’s new mascot – Da Dög.  This is the dog that is featured on the cover of Dirty Dynamite sporting aviator goggles and a cigarette hanging from his mouth.

Da Dög and Krokus bassist Chris Von Rohr walked the red carpet recently at the Swiss Awards.

Von Rohr states, “This dog radiates a philosophical serenity and at the same time pure fun. The two-year-old rock stud is originally from Solothurn, Switzerland — like Krokus — but lives these days in the Zurich krokusdynamiteregion, where most of the time he just likes to chill and do nothing.”

The actual owner, Patrizia, of  Da Dög (actually goes by the name Maddox) stated, “He is a quiet and lazy dog, not very active, rather easy going. One exception is when he can chase a ball. Or he’s getting some food: dog food, cucumbers, carrots. He loves any kind of food except fennel; he categorically spits that one out. We have to watch him, because he could eat all day long.”

“He’s not allowed to sleep in the bedroom. He snores so loud, no one gets a good night’s sleep.

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