Diabulus In Musica Sign For Metal Blade

DIABULUS IN MUSICA is a female fronted Spanish metal band that started in 2006 and can be defined as symphonic metal with gothic elements, although their influences are quite diverse. The members of DIM are experienced young musicians who decided to leave other projects and commit themselves to this new band.

All of the members of DIM know each other from the local metal scene in Pamplona and wanted to work hard to create a different and serious project that could give expression to all their ideas. A goal they definitely accomplished with their upcoming debut album Secrets!

Comments DIABULUS IN MUSICA on the signing with Metal Blade: “We all feel really excited about the fact we got signed by Metal Blade! Being part of a label made up of true and open-minded metal-lovers makes us feel wrapped and even more motivated. We are aware of the fact that it´s not easy to find a proper label nowadays and when our manager Phil (http://www.2wild4.com/) told us that Metal Blade was interested we felt honored and happy they believe in our music. We are sure that all our common expectations will be fulfilled. We have plenty of ideas for future albums and it’s great to know that we can continue making good music and have a strong label behind us pushing the band worldwide to a new level! We can´t wait to get the album out and to start touring!”

”Symphonic metal with gothic elements is nothing you would expect from Metal Blade, would you? But then we always have our eyes and ears open and in the end it´s the quality that matters, not the style. DIABULUS IN MUSICA deliver the sort of quality everyone is looking for! Their songs are simply the best we have heard in this genre for years, they have a fantastic style and a great concept. It makes us happy giving this extremely talented band the chance to present themselves worldwide!” Andreas Reissnauer / Metal Blade Europe

Zuberoa Aznárez – Vocals
Adrián M. Vallejo – Guitars and Screams
Gorka Elso – Keyboards and Grunts
Xabi Jareño – Drums
Alex Sanz – Bass guitar

More info on the bands debut album Secrets and the first sound samples will be released shortly! Secrets will be released in May 2010. Stay tuned and check the bands MySpace and website for further details!


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