LITA FORD on the Roast of Dee Snider: “It’s such a fucked up show”

Lita-Ford-rock-of-ages-premiere2Andrew Bansal of Metal Assault  recently conducted an interview with Lita Ford. They had alot to talk about – Lita’s touring, her solo album, her becoming more comfortable with singing, and how much she detested the recent roast of Dee Snider.  Check some of that interview below.

It’s great to talk to you and have you on So, you release a new album last year titled ‘Living Like A Runaway’, and you toured for it in the US, opening for Def Leppard and Poison. How does it feel to be an active rock musician again? You basically did the whole nine yards last year.

Yeah! It was a godsend to be on that tour, and it couldn’t have come at a better time too. It was wonderful and everybody was upset when the tour ended. But we’ve got some great shows coming up. We also did some shows after the tour finished. We’ve got the Monsters Of Rock cruise coming up as well. So, it really was a great boost for the new album, and it really kick-launched the album out there to the public. It got people to sit up and listen and take notice. Of course, photographs from the tour are all over the internet and you can see them everywhere. So it was a real godsend. The album was released a day before the tour started. It was pretty good timing.

This is your first solo studio album after a very long time, 17 years I think. In that time away from music, what was it like for you? Was it difficult?

Well, I’ve enjoyed being with my children, and I wanted to really focus on raising my children and not have to think about the music industry because at the time I left, the industry was going grunge. The heavy metal scene was pretty much disappearing, and I thought it was perfect timing to have children and go away to raise kids. So that was in my favor. And then coming back now after being gone for so many years, everything worked. People didn’t get burnt out on Lita because Lita wasn’t everywhere. Lita was nowhere. Nobody knew where I was. Nobody could find me (laughs). I was literally living on this deserted island in the Caribbean, like fricking Robinson Crusoe or something. So it worked in my favor. Now that I’m back in the music industry, people are happy that I’m back. I’ve presented them with a new album that everyone has loved so far. I’m getting good reviews, and it’s wonderful.

That’s very true. So, you’ve primarily been a guitar player, but you also sing, obviously. Did you get more comfortable with that over the years?

Yeah, definitely. Now it’s second nature to me, but I’m not an opera singer. I have my own style. Mick Jagger is not an opera singer, and neither is Steven Tyler (laughs). There’s only so much we can do as who we are, as people. We develop our own style and that’s what takes a long time. It’s the same thing with guitar too, just developing who you are and your character, your technique, your performance. So yeah, I feel very comfortable with myself.

You recently did the Dee Snider roast at NAMM (see video below). What was that like?

I enjoyed being there, I enjoyed being around my friends Eddie Trunk, Scott Ian and just everyone that was involved was really nice. But I think the whole concept behind that roast is terrible. I don’t agree with it, and I personally hope it goes straight into the toilet. That’s my opinion. [laughs]

Wow, I’m pretty surprised by that! Why do you think it’s a bad thing? Is it just a distasteful way of doing it?

I don’t like bagging on my friends. I don’t like calling people names. It’s terrible! They’re turning us on ourselves. They’re turning us against each other, and it’s sickening. It’s such a fucked up show. I really had a hard time with it. I could hardly speak. I was really very uncomfortable with it?

Well, why did you do it then?

I didn’t know what it was. I wasn’t quite sure. I knew it was something where you make fun of somebody, but I didn’t realize how extreme it was and how terrible it was. They turn you on your friends, so you’re bagging on your friends! To me, that’s just not what I’m about. I don’t like it. It might be good for some people, but for me it was a nightmare and I will definitely never do that one again, nor I think will they have me back.

Read the entire interview at Metal Assault.






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