Napalm Records 15th Anniversary

   How time  flies? And with good music it flies even faster! Napalm Records will have to blow out 15 pitch-black candles this year in order to celebrate the company’s 15th anniversary!

To mark this  special occasion, a Napalm Records label night will be held in  cooperation with Metalfest Austria. On 12 May a colorful selection  of Napalm bands—from the medieval chartbreakers Saltatio Mortis to  the combative vikings of Tyr, and the unique group Van Canto, to  name but a few—will transform the festival grounds into a rockin’  party. An unrivaled musical extravaganza is guaranteed! For those of  you who want even more excitement, be sure to come by our exclusive  Napalm stand, offering a wide selection of 15 years of Metal  history!

Fans will find all the details HERE <> !  

More updates will follow soon! Tickets for this special event are  available through our online store!

Metalfest, Mining am Inn
12 May  2010: Napalm Records Label Night with Saltatio Mortis, Tyr, Van  Canto, Edenbridge, Svartsot & Artas
14 May 2010: Alestorm,  Leaves’ Eyes, Schelmish, Serenity, Visions of Atlantis
15 May  2010: Heidevolk, Hellsaw


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