RONNIE JAMES DIO Was in a ’50’s Rockabilly Band?

Did you know that Ronnie James Dio was in a Rockabilly band in the 1950’s?  According to Mike Floorwalker at, Ronnie was a member of the Vegas Kings.  Once Ronnie became the lead vocalist, he changed the name of the band to Ronnie and the Red Caps.  Check out him singing in the video below.

Ronnie James Dio at 15 years old
Ronnie James Dio at 15 years old
Ronnie and the Redcaps
Ronnie and the Red Caps


Here’s another unknown fact (by me, anyways) – in 1997 Pat Boone covered one of Dio’s most classic of songs, “Holy Diver”.  Apparently, Mr. Boone was covering quite a few metal bands but Dio was actually the only one to participate by singing backup vocals.   Check out Boone’s version of “Holy Diver” below.




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