Please Come Back To The UK!

To celebrate Thor’s return to the UK, after an absence of over 25 years, we thought we’d try to prod a few others in that direction. So, here are 10 bands who really have left it way too long before coming back over here.

VAN HALEN – With Diamond Dave, naturally. They got back together for a hugely successful jaunt around America in 2008, so come on, get your asses into Britain. Dave Lee Roth and the Halens haven’t played together in this part of the world since Donington ‘84.

TRIUMPH – They’ve been away even longer – since ‘81! So, someone send the Canadians directions for coming over. It really is quite simple. 

POISON – This lot have ignored us poor Brits for two decades. And while Bret Michaels might be making risible reality TV shows these days, we’ll forgive him all of that just for a chance to hear Talk Dirty To Me one more time. 

ACCEPT – Another lot who’ve been avoiding this sceptred isle for a while. Not since the ’80s have the Teutons terrors graced us with their presence. Mind you, with no Udo in the line-up are we that bothered? There’s a thought… 

CINDERELLA – They cut short their last tour due to the first Gulf War – something about fearing they’d be a target. But the lads vowed to return. Only thing is, they never said when. Still waiting, guys. 

THE BIG FOUR OF THRASH – Yep, the dream of Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth and Anthrax on the same bill has been we’ve all had for so, so long. Now, it’s a reality. But where’s the UK show? 

WARRANT – Perhaps they’ve never gotten over being pelted with slices of cherry pie on TV (arf!), but the Down Boys haven’t been back here for two decades. Long enough for the embarrassment to subside, we’d have thought. Obviously, they’re the sensitive types. 

MANOWAR – Look, they call an album Hail To England, and then choose to regularly play in Europe without coming back here. Rumour has it they want far too much money to return. But these are true metal warriors, to whom such matters mean nothing, when compared to the glory of battle – erm, right? 

STARCASTLE – We love our pomp rock in Blighty, and Starcastle have even recorded over here, and that album, Citadel, is rightly regarded as their greatest. So, they must have fond memories of being over. Bit do we even get a sniff of a show? Not on your Wings Of White! 

SAINT VITUS – The doom masters have reunited and done gigs around the States. But this is where doom really started, with Black Sabbath. Which means they should be making damn sure there’s a least one gig… oh hang on, they at least are playing here. On February 3, at the Islington O2 Academy! See sometimes bands do listen!

Any others you’d care to name and shame?

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