Pantera’s REX BROWN on How He Felt about The Band: “We really were like brothers…”

rex-brown275x275Brandon Marshall of Sonic Excess recently did an awesome interview with Rex Brown, former Pantera and current Kill Devil Hill bassist.  The uniqueness of this particulr interview is that Rex has very seldom ever participated in an interview until now.  With Brown’s new book, “Official Truth, 101 Proof:  The Inside Story of Pantera” which was released yesterday, the book was the subject of conversation.  Check out some of the conversation between Rex and Brandon below.

Sonic Excess:You stated in your book several times how much you value privacy and how you preferred to stay out of the public eye. Was the decision to publish a difficult one for you?

Rex Brown: This book it just my truth about what my eyes saw. I had the really good, cheap seats. There were only four of us in the band that really knew what went on with the internal Pantera situation. I thought it was about time for me to go ahead and spill some truths. Even with the private life I do like to lead, I think that there was something inside of me that said, “OK Rex, it’s time to go ahead and let this thing out.” It’s just my side of the story.

Was it tough to get the words out, onto paper, about certain subjects?

Rex Brown: Of course, the whole Dime thing was fucking.. some days were fun, thinking of the great things, and then others, the sad times. Absolutely, I had to brush through this thing like ten times with a toothbrush, dot the I’s and cross the T’s. Some days were good, and some days were really rough.


Why did you write a book mostly about your time in Pantera instead of an autobiography?

Rex Brown: For me, it was all about the jam. I didn’t care about the press or anything like that. So, I never really said anything. To me, it’s more about the jam; it’s more about getting onstage. It’s not about the Rock stardom or anything like that.

Terry Glaze is the only member of Pantera quoted throughout the book in depth. Why not include Vinnie and Phillip?

Rex Brown: Because, it’s my book, and they can write their own damn book. “This is through my eyes, but there are different stories that go along with it.”

Do you think you will receive backlash for the way you portrayed a few people in the book?

Rex Brown: I couldn’t give a shit less.
Read the entire interview from Sonic Excess.


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