Powerage Records Sign Pearl!

Powerage Records is pleased to announce the signing of rock band Pearl – featuring Scott Ian from new York Thrashers Anthrax The band’s debut album “Little Immaculate White Fox” will be out in Europe early 2010

In the song ‘Rock Child’, gritty, soulful rock chanteuse Pearl belts: “I’ve been a little girl living centre stage/ I’ve been sleeping in a guitar case.” It’s not just a metaphor for feeling rock ‘n’ roll 24/7. As the daughter of rock legend Meat Loaf, Pearl was exposed to the genre and all it entails almost from the time she was born. “When I was a baby, my mom, [Leslie Aday], would take me to the studio and I would actually nap in an open guitar case with pillows and a blanket,” she says. “When I grew up, there was music everywhere, whether it was at a party in the house or in some place where my dad was performing in front of thousands of people. I really kind of grew up in recording studios. They’re relaxing to me. Even to this day, they can be blasting music and I can fall asleep on the couch because it feels like home.”

With such a strong musical background, it will come as no surprise that Pearl Aday has evolved into a startlingly unique and powerful solo artist in her own right and has produced a phenomenal debut album that is as diverse and adventurous as it is true to the remarkable creative environment that she enjoyed during her formative years. Having spent her entire life surrounded by music, she took her first professional steps as a backing vocalist, first as part of Meat Loaf’s band and then later as singer and dancer for glam metal legends Motley Crue. But it was at her 29th birthday party that her true destiny was revealed, when she met her future husband, Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian, and he introduced to the guys in Mother Superior, one of the tightest and smartest rock bands in the US and former backing band to both Henry Rollins and Daniel Lanois.

“We were just talking about stuff, and I said, ‘How would you feel about a chick playing with you guys?’” she says. “At first, they just looked at each other, and I was like, ‘Oh, God, what did I just do?’ Then they turned around and they were like, “Sure. Why not?’”

The ball began to roll in 2005 when Pearl started to collaborate on songs with Mother Superior guitarist Jim Wilson and bassist Marcus Blake. Striking up an immediate and formidable chemistry, they soon began to make demo recordings which eventually led to the creation of Pearl’s debut album, Little Immaculate White Fox, which was pieced together with renowned producer Joe Barresi in Los Angeles. A stunning and relentlessly heartfelt album that touches upon countless colours from the rock ‘n’ roll spectrum while maintaining a strong core identity throughout, the album is the perfect showcase for Pearl’s uniquely soulful and emotionally potent voice. Having completed the album with a cover of Tina Turner’s Nutbush City Limits recorded with producer Warren Riker and a new song, Broken White, with producer Jay Ruston, she is now ready to unleash Little Immaculate White Fox onto the world. Prepare to be blown away…

“I love expressing every emotion in my songs,” she says. “I don’t feel angry 24 hours a day. Everybody’s got their soft, gentle times, and then they’ve got their hard, angry times when they’ve got to let it out. Finding a balance between the two is what life is all about.”

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