KINGDOM COME Sample of New Single Available


Available May 7th in North America on Steamhammer/SPV    

The new KINGDOM COME single “God Does Not Sing Our Song” will be released digitally worldwide on April 5th!


1.God Does Not Sing Our Song(radio version)03:55
2.God Does Not Sing Our Song (album version) 04:05(taken from “Outlier”)
3.Should I 06:22(taken from “Rendered Waters”)

You can listen to a sample of the song here:
Here are some words by Lenny Wolf regarding the new single:


Pardon my accent:

Written by Lenny Wolf in sober and focused spirit.

Some people asked me to share a few thoughts about my single called “God does not sing our song”. I think the song itself speaks louder than words, but I will try to share some thoughts behind the obvious.

Why did I write that song?  


Because I am a Musician.

Why that title?  


The title is reflecting my thoughts about people abusing the “name of God” to justify their sick and often very destructive behavior. God may be watching but I’m sure he is “NOT always singing along”.

What makes you decide in which form you create a song?


I got no master plan. I am more like a five year old plugging the guitar chord into the endless audio universe hoping to catch some cool frequencies. Lately I caught a lot of heavy guitar signals which were asking to be used in a powerful song. I tried my best;-)

Do I believe in God?


I believe in a higher force which can be called God or orange shoe. I don’t need to sit in a men made building with steep roofs to “feel closer or more connected”, but if that works for other people, that of course is perfectly alright. In whichever direction or whatever name people are praying to, I rather follow a good heart than thousands of pre written phrases.

What is my outlook on our future?


Fanaticism and ignorance is a deadly combination. We got a lot of this around poisoning our planet. I don’t have the answer to it all, but I think it would be a great first step to go by a simple saying:  “Live and let live” –  with enough space and respect for one another. As long as people trying to force their believes onto others, we are bound to have conflicts coming our way. Some should remember weather they are guests or locals before wanting to change the furniture!

In case I bored you, next time I will write about something much more original like:


Oohh babe, I will never leave you, I’ll do anything for you, tonight is the night, I’m so sorry, please let me bend over so that you can find the perfect place to kick me harder than ever, …….. etc.  etc.   😉


Hallelujah, Lenny


The single is taken from the new album “Outlier” which will be released worldwide through SPV/Steamhammer and will be available as CD and download in Germany on April 26th, in Europe on April 29th and in the US/Canada on May 7th!


  1. God Does Not Sing Our Song 04:05
  2. Running High Distortion 04:14
  3. Rough Ride Ralleye 04:35
  4. Let The Silence Talk 03:29
  5. Holy Curtain 03:59
  6. The Trap Is Alive 04:41
  7. Skip The Cover And Feel 03:37
  8. Don`t Want You To Wait 04:31
  9. Such A Shame 03:18
  10. When Colors Break The Grey 05:03


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