MALONES Sat 4/6/13, Other World Productions Presents, Evile Annie/Mechanik War 3/The Grave Slaves, Valdivirax, The Rhythm Coffins, JetSet Rejects, Sick Sigma, Clash of the Titans

Malones, Saturday 4/6/13, Other World Productions Presents,  Evile Annie/Mechanik War 3/The Grave Slaves, Valdivirax, The Rhythm Coffins, JetSet Rejects, Sick Sigma, Clash of the Titans

882866_10200246568983388_1551176843_o Seriously lacking in today’s music scene, is the cranium-stimulating aspect of theatricality. Acts such as KISS, Alice Cooper, and Marilyn Manson, all understood the importance of combining hard-hitting rock and roll, with an entertaining stage show, consisting of stage props, over-the-top persona’s, and visuals. Appearing at Malone’s this Saturday, are an array of acts, most of whom are intent on keeping the spirit, and perspective, of those acts, alive.
In addition to Clash of the Titans, who are playing homage to The Big 4, ie Anthrax, Megadeth, Metallica and Slayer, we have The Grave Slaves, Valdivirax, The Rhythm Coffins, JetSet Rejects and Sick Sigma.
The Grave Slaves are a rockabilly/goth band, with the look-and-feel of  The Misfits, wheras the very entertaining Hollywood-based The Rhythm Coffins are The Munsters-meets-the-B-52s. Both of these acts maintain a fun approach to old-school  horror movie mayhem, with very catchy, upbeat pop tunes.
However, Evile Annie and Mechanik War 3, should be the most promising of the bunch, if, for no other reason, their hellacious intensity and arena-rock professionalism.
Mechanik War 3 was formed in Europe, in 2010. Vocalist, and band founder, Herr Massaker, took his musical blue-prints, and moved to the United States, in an attempt to expose his bands’ music to the masses. The band is an interesting hybrid of hard-hitting metal, with heavy overtones of industrial rock:  think Judas Priest-meets-Ministry.  Massaker may dispute that industrial tag, however. “The Industrial scene became a stereotype of itself, and I want to get away from it.”  Be that as it may, heavy is heavy, despite how you look at it. He reformed the band, after arriving in the U.S., after undergoing a revolving door of undedicated musicians, in Europe. His vision is demanding, but that is to be respected. The bands intensity is equaled in their visuals, but not neccessarily relied upon. Says Massaker, “For the kind of music that we play, I think the visuals fit perfectly, so having [that] is always important, but it comes second, of course. The music comes first…” Rounding out the line-up for Mechanik War 3 are,  Crucifactor on drums, Astaroth on guitar, and Dr. Cybase on bass.
Evile Annie is all things rock: melodic, ala KISS, Sweet, or T. Rex, with equal parts industrial, metal, goth, and….well, bottom line, their own rendition of what they feel is fresh and new. The band would have thrived during the 80s, but are definitely still innovative, by today’s standards. Evile Annie was formed in 2011, by bassist Phillip Almaraz, after many trials and errors, read: not the right musical parts/musicians.  The band thrives on the over-the-top aspects of Halloween-meets-Alice Cooper, and heavy helpings of horror movie campiness/creepiness. Evile Annie is not `’shock-rock” for the sake of it, and there is a fascinating back-story to all their mayhem, that, in itself, should be looked into, to better “read between the lines.”  Distancing themselves from any true musical influence, Amaraz cites a different inspiration: “If  anything, I would say movies have more of an influence. Especially older sci fi’s and modern horror movies.”
Recognizing that the majority of todays bands are assembly-line bland and  unimaginative, he adds,
“Evile Annie’s  job is to hit your senses with something that you will remember.  Most other bands are forgettable, and non-intelligent. They have no belief, system, or heart… I feel cheated looking at an unorganized mess at a show. You might as well just strap a guitar on some homeless bums off the street, and throw them on stage. We want to stimulate both the eyes and ears so you go home satisfied.” In addition to bassist Armaraz,  Evile Annie consists of Daniel Vidal on rhythm guitar, Phantom on keyboards and vocals, Michael Muerte on drums, Gabe on lead guitar,  and the hypnotizing stage presence of lead vocalist,  Ophelia “Miz Raven” Dyer on lead vocals, and saxophone.

Evile Annie and Mechanik War 3 are two bands that are definitely influenced by 70s and 80s theatrical rock, but are not relying on the “safety-net” of simply imitating KISS, Motley Crue, White Zombie, or Marilyn Manson. Both acts have something new to offer and are hoping todays audiences are open-minded enough to appreciate their perspective on combining rock with a heavy flair of drama, and showmanship.

Whether these acts can bring back the old-school theatrics is debatable, nor is it neccessarily their intent.  But, the fact they are performing their over-the-top, arena-attitude rock shows, in a small club, makes them larger than life, in itself, something any fan of this genre of music should not miss. Regardless of their future status, any fan of KISS, Alice Cooper, or Ministry, should salute the hard work, Evile Annie and Mechanik War 3 are putting out, and appreciate the fact there are still bands of this calibre, that exist today

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