House of Metal Presents, BANG TANGO, Friday, April 12, 2013, Malone’s Bar and Grill, Santa Ana, CA

House of Metal Presents, BANG TANGO, Friday, April 12, 2013, Malone’s Bar and Grill, Santa Ana, CA
During the glory days of The 80s Sunset Strip music scene, Bang Tango got unfairly lumped in with the Hair Metal genre. Granted, the members had jet-black hair, and a bit of eyeliner (in an attempt to fit in, I am sure), but that’s really as far as the similarities run. Unlike the bubble-gum sound the majority of the music acts leaned towards, Bang Tango was a bit more straight-forward, with a very heavy R & B/funk vibe to their music.
     Releasing their debut, Psycho Cafe, in 1989, and receiving their fair share of MTV video rotation, Bang Tango traveled out of the LA area, and continued to play every nook and cranny America had to offer. However, like many of their fellow rockers of that time, Bang Tango failed to really make much of an impact. A lack of backing from their record label, and personnel issues, Bang Tango kind’a limped along. Plus, that grunge-Seattle thing was starting to come alive.
    The band eventually broke up…then reformed…then broke up….yeah, you get the picture. Front-man/founder Joe LeSte is, for the most part, the only original member (albeit, even he departed from the band for awhile), and good luck counting all the members who have come and gone. Regardless,  Bang Tango has released a generous helping of live and compilation releases, and six studio outings, including the latest Pistol Whipped in the Bible Belt. If you haven’t heard it (and, odds are good you haven’t), it follows the same Stones-inspired/funk template, that Bang Tango are known for. Even so, any fan of yesteryear would be advised to catch the band at Malone’s, as they always deliver a hard-rocking (and sometimes unpredictable) performance.
   Also on the bill is Stonz Thro. A fan favorite at Malone’s, these guys always seem to go toe-to-toe in a musical battle (and, more times than not, usually winning), with whomever is headlining. No frills/no BS rock, influenced by 70s blues-inspired rock (Bad Company, Foghat, Lynyrd Synyrd), these guys are incapable of delivering a bad show.
   Rounding the bill out is Dimestore Zombies, Days of Change, Vulgar Betty, Partners in Crime, and Freekshow & Friends. 

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