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After a successful string of US dates, death metal legends INCANTATION are set to take their newest masterpiece, Vanquish in Vengeance, to Europe for appearances in Paris, Switzerland and at the Neurotic Death Fest in Holland. Before heading across the pond, INCANTATION will make a stop in Miami, FL for a night of decimation with Hibernus Mortis, Ulcer and Masticator. The band issued the following statement regarding their recent live activities,

“While the ‘old world’ awaits us in the near future, here stateside was a furious and ruthless number of shows. Ohio, Texas and New York mark the first live performances for our new Vanquish in Vengeance album.

The staff of the Shrunken Head in Columbus made things go smoothly while the sick as fuck bands we had the pleasure of jamming with made it all the more awesome. Many hails to Soulless and The Council Beneath the Sea for their help and absolutely shredding. And of course everyone who attended the slaughter that night! Next was Houston to headline the Masters of Death fest. Been many years since the bands’ return. The energy was unreal when the stage was pummeled by the likes of our brothers in Master, HOD, La Sanche, and Nodens. Thanks and greetings to all our old friends and the help they provided that made the show a true honor to be part of. Lastly was a return to NY at the St. Vitus club in Brooklyn. Few words can capture what it means to see a metal bar such as theirs overflowing with metal heathens. Fuckin’ sick! So, why not a sold out show with the likes of such bands as Evoken, Derketa, and Funerus. If it weren’t for their support a lot would not have been possible. Brutal crowd, great staff and pure death metal!

With only a few weeks away we can no longer hold back our anticipation. Our crusade of blackened death for the Vanquish in Vengeance album will now poison the shores of Europe once again. A few battles planed in France, Switzerland with our brothers in Supreme Lord!  Then back to Tilburg, Holland for the Neurotic Deathfest! With so many hails in waiting to all of whom we’ll reunite, and the greetings in infernal brotherhood to those whom we shall meet.

The abyss beckons us to battle! This time it’s to the south, to Miami. We’re really anxious to bring our Vengeance‘ to an area we’ve not returned to in many years. Hails to Hibernus Mortis, Ulcer and Masticator who will share in our assault. Rally to the blasphemy of unholy old school death metal, we look forward to seeing you heathens there. You’ve been warned!”


April 27th 2013 Miami, FL, @ Churchill’s Pub

2.05.2013 Paris, France @ Le Gibus
3.05.2013 Winterthur, Switzerland @ Gaswerk
5.05.2013 Tilburg, Netherlands @ Neurotic Deathfest

Vanquish in Vengeance was released last year on Listenable Records and features over 50 minutes of the band’s trademark dark and unholy death metal. Recorded at the infamous Mars Recording Compound with Engineer Bill Korecky and mixed and mastered by the legendary Dan Swano at Unisound studios, Vanquish in Vengeance deals with the numerous counts of genocide in the name of religion our society has witnessed over a millennia. Check out the video for album track “Invoked Infinity” at this location.

A CD/LP/ T-SHIRT/SPECIAL LTD BOX is available here :

This release and more band merch can be found at INCANTATION’s newly relaunched webstore –

“Death metal excellence.” – Ghost Cult
“After two decades’ worth of albums and a positively legendary number of lineup changes, [INCANTATION] are still as vital as ever.” – Metal Sucks
“Vanquish in Vengeance sounds like it could have come out in 1991 and calls bullshit on the legions of poseurs who disguise a paucity of ideas under a blizzard of fret-wankery and offal. This is death metal for the ages, and the masters have once again returned to view their unholy kingdom.” –  This Is Not A Scene

Chuck Sherwood – Bass
Alex Bouks – Guitar
Kyle Severn – Drums
John McEntee – Guitar, Vocals

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