Necrotic Disgorgement’s Documentaries of Dementia to be Released June 25th on Comatose Music

Those brutal buggers at Comatose Music have announced a June 25th release date for NECROTIC DISGORGEMENT’s Documentaries of Dementia.

 After nine years since their debut release, NECROTIC DISGORGEMENT welcomes the inevitable apocalypse with this highly anticipated second full length release. Now with the addition of a new vocalist and bassist the band has composed a death metal masterpiece that is certain to be the soundtrack for the extinction that awaits us all. The disc clocks in at over 40 minutes of technical blasting brutality, documenting the most ruthless torture killers. The album was uniquely crafted and designed for maximum torment with heinous rhythms and intricate lead guitar solos by veteran axemen Tony Tipton and Ben Deskins. If you dig bands like SUFFOCATION, DYING FETUS, and/or GORGASM, then Documentaries of Dementia is the album for you. The wait is over, consider this your warning…prepare for the carnage…

 A promo video for the album, featuring the track “Grotesque Skeletal Reconstruction” has been posted at this location.

 Pre-orders are available HERE.

1. Intronitiation

2. Pincushion Pussy

3. Conceived for Incest

4. Postmortem Fluid Evacuation

5. Crack Whore Compost

6. Anal Trauma

7. Icepick Ear Sodomy

8. Grotesque Skeletal Reconstruction

9. Defecation Delicacy

10. He Wears the Flesh

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