DJ CrazyIvan’s Interview With Pamela Moore

I got to interview Pamela Moore today. Most people would reconize her voice from Queensryche’s Operation Mindcrime album as the voice of Sister Mary. I stayed away from the whole Queensryche issue. But talked about Jeff Loomis helping out on the new CD and how strong I felt the CD was in whole. We discussed different songs on the CD and told her the ones that really hit home with me and Pamela stated “For me, Awakening is probably my baby, my favorite.” When asked how long the album was in production, Pamela said, “From start to completion it took about four years”. They completed the CD in 2012, but then it took a bit for a company to pick her up. Luckily RatPakRecords did, the whole album is a strong return to the hard rock genre.

During the interview we discussed other projects she has going on. She just moved back to Seattle, where she is from, and has been helping up and coming singers not only with their voices, but also with their stage presence. She was also asked about other bands in the Seattle area that we should pay attention to, but since she just got back to Seattle, and kind of a “home” body, it would be diffictult to say. We talked about her work with Halcyon Way (Atlanta, Ga.) and how she liked the guys in the band.

Currently she is in process of getting a touring band together to support the album. I even suggested about Pamela doing a tour with Benedictum. Both would complement each other, since I have seen Benedictum live, and how Pamela is on the new CD.

You can hear the interview here and make sure to support Pamela by buying her album “Resurrect Me” and keep and eye out for when she goes on tour. I personally would hope to see her make a stop in the Orlando area. I personally will be making the trip to go see her and show my support for a great vocalist.


You can order her CD here:

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