Pavement Entertainment to Release Necrospire from Chicago Deathcore act I KILLED EVERYONE July 9th

The aptly named I KILLED EVERYONE will release its debut full-length (following two EPs) Necrospire on Pavement Entertainment July 9th.

Formed in 2008, the Chicago band delivers a ferocious slab of Deathcore with Necrospire. Unlike most bands of their genre, I KILLED EVERYONE is influenced by classic death metal bands from the 90’s such as SUFFOCATION, CANNIBAL CORPSE, and MORBID ANGEL. The band incorporates many of these influences to form a unique sound of modern deathcore with undeniable classic death metal overtones. With brutal, yet understandable, vocals and blast beats galore, I KILLED EVERYONE knows how to pummel an audience. The group has taken the scene by storm and continues to build their brand of extreme music both live and through aggressive social media. Be prepared: They WILL kill everyone!

A promo video/album teaser is now playing at this location.

Pre-order Necrospire at

A Sanguinary Mass

Grimoire I – Eviscerated

The Devourer Beyond


Born of the Abattoir

State of Filth

Crucified and Consumed


Grimoire II – One with the Void

The Human Error


 Tim O’Brien: Vocals
Bill Williams: Guitar
Jason Cordero: Bass
A.J Kolar: Guitar
Tom Salazar: Drums

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