BornBroken Offer FREE DOWNLOAD ‘Control’; Releasing New Album ‘The Healing Powers of Hate’ June 4th

June 4th


From L-R: Simon Savard – Guitar | Jesus Salazar – Vocals | Tommy Vaillancourt – Bass |  Mike Decker – Guitar | Jonathan Ménard – Drums

Canadian death thrashers BornBroken are offering their heavy hitting single ‘Control’ for FREE download at the following links below. The band will be unleashing their debut album ‘The Healing Powers of Hate’ on Tuesday, June 4th.

Bandcamp –

Soundcloud –

On this debut, ‘The Healing Powers of Hate’, the band keeps with tradition and bring back a true dry metal sound, upfront loud guitars, drums in your face and a singer that can be distinguished from the rest to deliver an experience where the broken shall rise.

Through the sounds of beating skins, metal strings and broken chords, BornBroken plays out not only what life gives them but also what they want to give back: truth, integrity, perseverance, loyalty and faith in humanity’s struggle for equality.

After months of writing and hours spent in the studio, BornBroken managed to take every emotion they felt, put it to music, build off of past battle scars and create a record where listeners will feel they are part of the storyline.

To pre-order the incredibly designed physical copy (pic below), please visit the following link

BornBroken-The Healing Powers of Hate

Track Listing:

1 – Can’t Quiet The Riot
2 – Old News
3 – Anger of The Day
4 – I Will Rise
5 – Control
6 – It Has Begun
7 – Birth of The Broken
8 – Bleed The Sky
9 – Reborn From The Ashes
10 – The Healing Powers of Hate

Show Dates

May 24, 2013 – Cafe Dekcuf – Ottawa, ON – w/ PLACENTOPHAGIA, CALCULATE, FUMIGATION – Show Details

For more info, tour dates and updates on BornBroken, please visit these links.

– 30 –

BornBroken – The Healing Power of Hate (2013)

RELEASE DATE: June 4, 2013



ISRC Codes: CAD7Z1300001 – CAD7Z1300010

UPC Code #: 829982 141538

R.I.Y.L. = Pantera, Slayer, Hatebreed, Lamb of God, Sepultura, Ektomorf

Interview on CJLO – Mike from BornBroken on Champions of the Local Scene –

Named discovery of the year 2012 – Musique d’une nation

Named discovery of the year 2012 – Québec-Métal

Voted 2nd best show of 2012 in Montreal -Québec-Métal

Voted 2nd best show of 2012 in Montreal – Ondes Choc

“So watch for it. Listen to it. These Montreal Metal Thrash-core compadres are definitely onto something different, and not only with regard to the local scene, but for Metal in general. The BornBroken boys are biting off as much as they can chew by creating a heavy-duty concept album, fusing the powers of all their influences and generating a sound that fluctuates between latter day Sepultura and mid-career Lamb of God.” –

“…At the first look, the album looks like a collector’s item.”
“…The Healing Powers of Hate as a sound comparable to the big names of the industry…I have the strong impression that everything was thought of on this CD. It’s a very well done album from A to Z. The Healing Powers of Hate from BornBroken is nothing less then a must!!” – Musique D’Une Nation

“BornBroken is the future of Québec Metal, with 10 titles to discover, even on stage, since the group demonstrates an uncanny and totally uncommon, energetic stage presence. They have poured their guts into the making of this introductory album, their own monies and a wealth of professionalism, which must be recognized. Bravo for an excellent album that one just doesn’t tire of listening to.” – Québec-Métal

“…le disque est marqué au fer rouge d’une intensité menaçante qui n’épargnera aucun tympan.’’- Bande à part (Radio-Canada)

BornBroken-The Healing Powers of Hate

[Download Album Cover]

Track Listing of Album:
1 – Can’t Quiet The Riot
2 – Old News
3 – Anger of The Day
4 – I Will Rise
5 – Control
6 – It Has Begun
7 – Birth of The Broken
8 – Bleed The Sky
9 – Reborn From The Ashes
10 – The Healing Powers of Hate

MAPL Logosocan logo

Album Credits:

– All Drum Tracks performed by Brian Craig / Recorded at studio 451
– Engineered and Mixed by Hugues Deslauriers
– Recorded by Mathieu Marcotte
– Guitars, Bass, Vocals & Xtras – Recorded by Mathieu Marcotte at Human Noise Studio
– Album Mixed and Mastered by Hugues Deslauriers
– Guitars Reamp by Chris Donaldson at Garage Studio
– “It Has Begun” Solo by Mathieu Marcotte & Mike Decker
– Intros & Outros – Simon Savard, Mike Decker

– Comic Book Concept – Simon Savard, Mike Decker
– Comic Book Artist – Yannis Panos
– CD Layout – Mike Decker, Simon Savard
– Photography – Mike Hozjan – AutoFocus
– BornBroken Logo & “B” Symbol Created by – Mike Decker, Simon Savard
– CD printed at Disques RSB
– All printing and packaging by Mike Decker at MRGraphique


2011 – Promo release (Control & Bleed the Sky)

2013 – The Healing Powers of  Hate

Shared Stage w/
Stroke of Genius, The Aftermath, Mythosis, Mass Murder Messiah, Anonymus, Omega Crom, Misguided Agression, The Blackcloud Syndicate, Erimha, Forbiden Sin, Resurrection Corpse, Sever the Voices, Social Fiction, Castigare, Shape the Above, Hexfire, Burning the Oppressor, Ancestor’s Revenge, Downtrodden, DopeThrone, Poison Oath, Made up a Reason, Reanimator, Branded by Pain, Death Lullaby, Pronostic, Warsenal, Sykode, Today I Caught The Plague, Virulys, Rusted, Citizen Vicious, Eternal Jugement

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