Releases Free Download Compilation – Chants of Death: Vol. 1; Features Nephelium and Auroch

Today, Monday 24th June, sees the release of the first ever MetalRecusants digital compilation titled Chants of Death: Vol. 1. After blogging, reviewing, interviewing, reporting from all kinds of events and unearthing talent from the underground for over two years now, it is appropriate that they celebrate with music, which they have covered over this time. The compilation is completely free to stream or download at this location and over at their Bandcamp page. Artwork has been designed by their reviewer Ricardo Esparza.

Featured in this compilation are bands, which are shaking the foundations of the underground and are hot as lava waiting for you to press play and burn your ears. The full tracklist can be found below and for more information about the bands head over to! They hope they have served you well and that you enjoy these brutal tunes.

1. Masachist-Drilling the Nerves
2. Corpse Garden – Burnt by the Light
3. Gortal- Crimens Sollicitationis
4. Nephelium – Burial Ground
5. De Profundis -Dead Inside
6. Decaying – Code Name Overlord
7. Sphere -Homo Hereticus
8. Praesepe –Weakness
9. Haiduk – Black Wind
10. Embrional – The Last Step Into Nothingness
11. Tyrants Blood – Spiral Sea
12. Deivos – Absolute of Hatred
13. Annihilation – Sacrifice of Existence
14. Dismanibus – Blood From A Stone
15. Into Darkness – Levy 9’s Death
16. Blood Mortized -Unleashing the Hounds
17. Desolator -Infernal Gathering
18. Just Before Dawn – As Death Breaks the Surface
19. Dormant Ordeal – The Animal
20. Auroch – Slaves to a Flame Undying
21. Resurgency – Craniums of Slain Disciples
22. Engulfed – Supreme Lord of Blasphemy
23. Ectovoid – Splintered Phantasm

For more MetalRecusants, visit the website, Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube.

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