Studio report on K.K. Downing-produced Hostile’s debut CD

Legendary guitarist K.K. Downing of JUDAS PRIEST is in the studio producing the debut CD for UK metal band and fellow hometown Black Country residents HOSTILE.

Not only is K.K. producing the band’s CD, but he also wrote and performed on the song “Avenger,” the first time the guitarist has ever written for a band outside of PRIEST. K.K. became interested in Hostile’s talent and potential after seeing them perform at a club called JB’s in Dudley, Midlands.

SMNnews got a brief update by e-mail from HOSTILE’s guitarist A.J. Mills on the status of the album.


How far along are you with the recording of Hostile’s debut, “Eve of Destruction”?
We are just finishing off the vocals for the last couple of tracks, so we are very close now.

What type of experience or tips are you learning from K.K.?
Wow! Where do I start? There is an endless list that could keep me going on for hours! Working with K.K has been an invaluable experience for all of us in Hostile, he has taught us so much, he most definitely brings out the best in us, and for that, we are truly grateful.

New vocalist Jay joined not too long ago. Did you already have vocals recorded with your old singer and Jay needed to redo the vocals?
When Jay joined, we had to go back to the drawing board and re-write the songs to suit his vocal style, he has a great, full-on, powerful voice which allows us to try new things and explore different dimensions musically.

I and many others are anticipating the record’s release. When is the release date?
We are still working really hard to finish the last couple of tracks on the album and haven’t entered into any talks with record companies yet.

Musically speaking, what can fans expect on the album and what are your expectations for the album after its release?
High energy songs that will make you want to mosh, pump your fists and sing along to. There are also some moodier moments on the album which has a lot of old skool elements in there which the more mature metal fan can appreciate. When the album is released, we plan to get out on the road as soon as we can to promote it. We are very proud of our heritage and also realize that there will never be another band like our mighty predecessors, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, etc., but we want to pick up the baton from these truly awesome bands and keep flying the flag for British heavy metal.

To hear samples from HOSTILE, click here

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