Phil Anselmo (Pantera, Down, Etc.) Tells Us About His Solo Project, Horror & More


I had a chance over at to sit down with the one and only legend Phil Anselmo to pick his brain about his new project, his love of horror films and more.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

John G: You are one of the most outgoing musicians in the industry.  A lot of musicians with half of the credentials that you have save their time for things like Rolling Stone and don’t pay attention to the little guys like us.  Is that more of a testament to your personality or are we witnessing a change in the direction of metal?

Anselmo:No, it’s absolutely my personality Jack.  I’m easy going and honestly man I fucking hate rock stars and anyone who acts differently towards other people in other walks of life that do other different things just because you write songs that people like it’s like “What’s with the rock star attitude you fucking asshole?”  It’s boring.  I’m a people person and I think everybody out there like yourself that’s trying to propel music in one way, shape or form deserves goddamned credit.  Just like fucking Rolling Stone and all of these supposed fucking bigger formats and mediums and all that, I could give a fuck about popularity contests or anything like that.  That’s shit’s boring man, I’d rather be down to earth with the down to earthers if that makes any sense.

JG: You’ve had the chance to play with legends in music from Rob Halford to the Slayer and Anthrax guys as well as countless others.  Is there anybody on your bucket list for you to share the stage with?

Anselmo:When I jam with other bands on stage, it’s always invitation first.  I’m not going to run up and ruin someone’s set or anything like that.  So know that, I’m invited so I come up.  But sure man, there’s always people I would love to meet.  Whether we jam or not that’s one thing or another.  You know what’s funny?  I never met David Lee Roth in my life and that’s one dude I’d love to meet just to say hey and I shook hands with one of my earliest influences in life and one of the great front men of his era.  I have a lot of respect for David Lee Roth.

JG: You have written hundreds of songs with a handful of bands over the course of your career.  If you had to look back on one song that defined your career, what would it be?

Anselmo:That’s a toughie, you tough interviewer you.  God that is a tough one.  You’re asking about a song that encapsulates everything?

JG: If you just said the best song you’ve ever written, the song you’re proudest of, anything.

Anselmo:Gosh.  Well I do love “New Level” from Pantera.  I love the message, I love the song, I love the power of the song and what it does for people in the audience, the audience participation – I love that.  That particular song and shit man, but still you know you take a band like Down, it’s tough to ignore “Bury Me In Smoke”, it’s tough to ignore a lot – I don’t know, that’s a tough question, Jack.

JG: I got an answer, I’m happy.

Anselmo:Exactly, it is what you’ve got. (laughs)

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