Towards Disastour Blog Vol. 5: Cape Fear and Loathing

9300658393_98d684a455The party in Richmond came to a slow end at around 5:30 in the morning, but once it started dying down strange people began showing up. One gentleman notably came in covered in sweat, visibly annihilated on drugs with a towel around his neck and a ketchup squeeze bottle full of booze. It seemed like just as all of the metal heads we had met during the night made their way home, more and more drug-addled lunatics began showing up to have a late night drug binge party in the attached bedroom that separated the living room with the only bathroom. At one point a girl, belligerent and haggard, emerged into the living room from the drug shack, took off her pants and underwear and pressed her naked ass on a gentleman who was sleeping on the futon in the living room while party goers laughed and took pictures in relative discomfort. We eventually gained control of the living room as though it were a game of RISK and eagerly turned down the deafening record player as I found a hot piece of floor between the TV and the coffee table to rest my troubled head. The users in the next room began getting aggravated and “pill sick”, as the hesitant sun began to rise. We also heard the group aggressivly turn on one of the individuals for doing needle drugs. I closed my eyes, put in my ear plugs and began focusing on sleep in hopes of getting a couple hours of floor rest before we needed to head back to the van we left at a parking lot that was to be ticketed and towed when our parking slip expired at 10am. I heard doors slamming, screaming and relentless conflict in the next room as we listened to the soundtrack of withdrawal, sorrow, and unbridled discomfort as the drugs began to wear off.
At around 6 in the morning I had the unmanageable need to urinate and had the ill-fated realization that the only way to the bathroom was through the gauntlet of savages that had regrettably ran out of drugs hours ago. I tiptoed to the door and overheard their conversation. They had become increasingly sick, angry and paranoid; particularly of the unknown Canadians who were subsided in the living room next to them. “Lets kick them the fuck out of here! Who the hell are they anyways?” I heard one of them say as I began running through my choices for urination. Do I pee in the sink, take my chances on the street and risk getting locked out, or do I brave the drug gauntlet? I put my hand on the doorknob, took a deep breath and opened the door. There were 5 people in there, a few of them curled up and visibly ill. Sweaty-towel-ketchup-man was pacing around the room and a woman was sitting on the end of the bed awkwardly awaiting relief from the after affects of drug use. When they saw me enter the room, I can only describe the look on their collective faces as sheer terror as I whizzed by to take a super loud early morning endurance piss with the door locked. I made my way back to the floor and got an hour of pained half-sleep before the alarm went off and we needed to trek back to the van by foot.

We were all annoyed, overtired and cranky as we made our way through the downtown core clinging to our personal belongings like a walk of shame after one of the most uncomfortable evenings in recent memory. However, our style while traveling is to make the best out of any situation and do our best to become positive and energized. We made our way to the ocean and gleefully splashed around in the waves, then headed to Wilmington, North Carolina, part of a region known as Cape Fear, and arrived nice and early to have a no-holds-barred BBQ in the parking lot and got our energy back up to full and got ready for our gig at Reggies.

It was the promoter’s birthday party and everyone was in good spirits. We played first and spent the rest of the night playing pool, sitting at the bar enjoying dollar beers while watching Happy Gilmore muted with subtitles and checking out the local bands. We stayed with Carlos from Salvacion and his girlfriend Erin and listened to great albums, drank beer and of course slept until 2 in the afternoon. Apparently they had just put up our friends in Cauldron when they played through there a few weeks ago. Carlos and Erin were gracious enough to let us stay the following night as well and we made them a nice healthy vegetarian stir fry and went to a party in town on our day off. So nice to make new friends and have a clean place to rest after such a wild and restless week.
Time for another swim,
Spencer “please don’t stab me, I just need to pee” LeVon

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