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Natten Med De Levande Finntroll June 17th in North American via Spinefarm Records (DIGITAL ONLY)

FINNTROLL will release Natten Med De Leavande Finntroll this coming Tuesday June 17th as a digital download.  (Pre-order on Amazon HERE)  Today Decibel Magazine’s “Deciblog” is hosting an exclusive stream of the song “Ursvamp”.  Check it out HERE


Since its inception in 1997, Helsinki’s FINNTROLL has been one of the strangest and most original entities on the international folk/heathen metal scene. Drawing their subject matter from the Olden Days when the Southern plague called Christianity hadn’t yet swept over every forest, nook and cranny of Scandinavia’s troll-laden woodlands and telling tales about eradicating mankind (starting with the men of cloth), FINNTROLL‘s “Trollish Hoedown Metal”, a sort of – for lack of a better expression – death metal polka, has been a genre unto itself. Inimitable.


One of the most unexpected success stories in extreme metal ever, these outlandish oompah oddballs have paved way for countless succeeding pagan metal acts, becoming a key act in conceiving the scene that these days virtually dominates the European metal festival stages. The band’s initial breakthrough begun with 2001’s “Jakten’s Tid”, and from then on it has been an ever-expanding story both success-wise and musically, currently with remarkable chart success in Germany and Scandinavia, and incorporating several types of ethnic world music to their mad musical mayhem.


A tireless touring act, the unquenchably thirsty trolls have wreaked damage on stages big and small in all the corners of the Earth. Yet until now there has never been an official FINNTROLL live recording available anywhere. Finally, Tuesday June 17th will witness the uncaging of the live album Natten Med De Levande Finntroll (Night with the living FINNTROLL), the exhibit of what a cadre of alcohol-fueled trolls can do when leashed upon a live audience.


No, this is not the Night of the Living Dead, this is FINNTROLL in full flight as witnessed onstage Amsterdam’s prestigious Melkweg Concert Hall on September 20th, 2008; violently energetic, blatantly in your face, stark-barking-mad and fun as a barrel of monkeys!



Skrymer – guitar

Beast Dominator – drums

Trollhorn – keys

Tundra – bass

Routa – guitar

Vreth – vocals

Virta – keys


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