INSECT WARFARE Exclusive Show @ OEF 2016!

Thousands of grinders all over the world have been waiting for this moment for many years and now it is here! An exclusive show at Obscene Extreme fest and a comeback OEF have been impatiently waiting for!!!

INSECT WARFARE will crush the Trutnov Battlefield  with a power of grind hurricane!!! Precise riffs, intense cyclone. OEF are expecting nothing less!!! This band has ruled the world with their ingenious album “World Extermination” that brought an awesome portion of totally devastating music!!!

Uargh! You just cannot miss that!!! OEF’s enthusiasm knows no limits!!! Where is July?


Video INSECT WARFARE – World Extermination >

INSECT WARFARE – An exclusive show at Obscene Extreme fest and a comeback we have been impatiently waiting for!!!

July 13 – 17, 2016
TRUTNOV – Battlefield

CZECH republic

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SODOM (Germany) + INSECT WARFARE (Usa) Reunion Exclusive Show + LOCK UP (UK/Usa) + VADER (Poland) + TOXIC HOLOCAUST (Usa) + ROTTEN SOUND (Finland) + CATTLE DECAPITATION (Usa) + DEVOURMENT (Usa) + DEAD INFECTION (Poland) + GUINEAPIG (Italy) + AVULSED (Spain) + CANCEROUS WOMB (Uk) + PUTRID PILE (Usa) + NERVO CHAOS (Brazil) + GRIDE (Czech) + DECAYING PURITY (Turkey) + SERRABULHO (Portugal) + SPEED!! NOISE!! HELL!! (Japan) + SEMEN (Mexico) + SACRIFICIAL SLAUGHTER (Usa) + CRIMINAL (Chile) + BODYFARM (Netherlands) + EXCREMENTORY GRINDFUCKERS (Germany) + DEFEATED SANITY (Germany) + SARCOTROFIA (Mozambique) + KORPSE (Netherlands) + GRID (Sweden) + KRU$H (Netherlands) + GUST (Sweden) + more!!!

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