Soundgarden to Co-Headline Lollapalooza 2010!

According to The Daily Swarm, the reunited SOUNDGARDEN is expected to co-headline the 2010 Lollapalooza festival in Chicago.

Although promoters do not traditionally announce the lineup until spring, multiple industry sources have told The Daily Swarm that SOUNDGARDEN, GREEN DAY and LADY GAGA are locked in for the Aug 6–8 weekend event. Three more headliners are expected to be included when the complete lineup is announced.

The music world was rocked on New Year’s Day (January 1) by the news — posted at singer Chris Cornell‘s web site and Twitter page, plus a new site called Soundgarden World — that grunge gods SOUNDGARDEN would reportedly reunite in 2010 after a 12-year absence.

Rumors of a SOUNDGARDEN reunion have picked up steam in the last year, possibly because the band members are known to have gotten together to talk and three of them — all but Cornell — jammed together last March at a Seattle club., after the New Year’s Day announcement was posted, reported that the band was in negotiations with several festivals, but that has yet to be officially confirmed or denied.

There’s also the question of ex-SOUNDGARDEN drummer Matt Cameron, who now plays in PEARL JAM and has several live commitments with that band lined up this spring and summer.

Cornell told The Pulse of Radio in 2007 that SOUNDGARDEN as a live act had its ups and downs. “SOUNDGARDEN was sometimes like the best rock band you’ll ever see, and sometimes we were not that,” he said. “Sometimes we were — we were very unpredictable and part of the unpredictableness was sometimes, we just really didn’t come together. We were volatile that way.”

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