White Wizzard – Infernal Overdrive CD Review

White Wizzard fourth album, first one in four years. Starting off with the title track, White Wizzard sets a tone of classic hard rock/metal album. The band drives their style with each track with riffs and pounding rhythms. The vocals are clean and pronounced. The first eight tracks are hard driving songs. The last track is the power ballad-style track, which happens to be the longest song on the album. Several of the tracks are worthy of Braingell Radio Loop status. If you are a fan of classic heavy metal/hard rock, this CD is well worth the purchase.

Bio: True American Metal band White Wizzard finally unveil concrete plans regarding their long anticipated new album. Band leader and bassist Jon Leon earlier this year announced the return of classic members, vocalist Wyatt “Screaming Demon” Anderson and guitarist James J. LaRue, to the ranks of White Wizzard, as well as a new label deal with M-Theory Audio. The band have spent much of 2017 crafting their finest offering to date, helmed once again by producer Ralph Patlan (Megadeth, UFO, Flotsam and Jetsam). Entitled Infernal Overdrive, the band’s fourth full-length, will be released January 12th on CD and gatefold double vinyl. (Preorder now at www.m-theoryaudio.com/store) The album is over an hour long and captures all the ingredients of past White Wizzard work but expands upon the template with seasoned maturity, outstanding musicianship and a widening of influences including ‘70s hard rock and progressive rock/metal.

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