Mushroomhead Hit Studio to Record New Album

MUSHROOMHEAD have locked themselves in their private studio at the Filthy Hands compound in Cleveland Ohio to begin work on their 7th studio release which is due out summer 2009 via Megaforce/Sony Music.  It is being produced by co-founding member and drummer Steve “Skinny” Felton, who states:

“Hell yeah, let’s go. After producing the last 6 albums I know what these guys can do and once again they are killing it!  The cool thing about working with Mushroomhead is that there is always an idea on the table and someone brings it to the next level.  Everytime someone tracks they raise the bar for the rest of the records,  Thank God!  They call each other out, they play each others parts they even fist fight!  Their passion is undeniable and that is what Rock & Roll is all about!  The sound is super dark and creepy and even violent at times.”

Keyboardist Shmotz added:

“the new album is off to a great start and is full of aggression and intensity, although it is tough to be creative and keep a solid drug habit with all of the illegal downloading and file sharing these days!”

MUSHROOMHEAD will also be performing at their upcoming Weekend of Horrors conventions in Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York City this year.

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