Gutted Souls: album “The Illusion of Freedom” will be released in physical format for European record labels

The album “The Illusion of Freedom” released recently by the Group of Death Metal, Gutted Souls, will be released in physical form by two European labels in the coming days.


The disk is available for audition in main Streaming platforms in the world, will be pressed and distributed by “Envenomed” of Ukraine and the “Narcoleptica” of Kazakhstan, that in partnership will launch the album in physical format in high quality.


The Illusion of Freedom has received praise by the media and many fans around the planet, this will be the first physical version and current official record of the Gutted Souls, the material will be available for purchase in almost the entire European continent, will also have a limited distribution to the Brazil. Interested in making your reservation, you will have to contact the band through their social networks.


The launch is forecast for the next few days, between the end of February and early March, the album will be available for sales.


Gutted Souls – The Illusion of Freedom

01-Being Human

02-The Authoritarian Follower

03-Mondo Psycho

04-The Undying Stars

05-Snakes in Suits

06-Psychopathic Ruler

07-Addicted to Power

08-Unconscious Automaton (Curse of Wetiko)

09-Dancing to the Sound … Of the Powers that Be



Iron: Vocals

Wellington Ferrari: Guitar

Alexandre Castro: Guitar

Braulio Drumond: Drums

Elias Oliveira: Bass


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