Alternative Metal band XIX announce their debut single “Give Me Pain”

Alternative Metal band, XIX, proudly announced the release of their debut face-melting single “Give Me Pain” on the 26th of April.

The band is profoundly excited to showcase their debut single from the upcoming debut album as a sample of what is yet to come. The long-awaited, Alternative Metal banger marks a new milestone for the band and sets new pavement for Modern Metal genre. With this release, the band sets out with clean sails in hopes to garner fans and newfound grounds.

“Give Me Pain” is available on all streaming services like Spotify and iTunes

Through this release, XIX hope to channel their energy and set off their beginning in the alt-metal scene.

About the band:
XIX is a five-member metal act hailing from London. The whole concept of creating a heavy metal band was conceived in 2019 by Vocalist Hercules Zotos, Guitarists Lj Strat, and C Dyne, Bass Guitarists & Vocalist Takis Foitos and Drummer Tony Michaels. With influences from Hard Rock and Alternative Metal music acts, the band sets forth to express their artistic drive via music.

Their name comes from a Stephen King Novel:
As Stephen King wrote in his book The Dark Tower, “This whole deal has gone nineteen.”
“This was where we found inspiration to name our band — to express the diverse potentials synonymous with the number. As we move forward, we plan to create Alternative Metal music that stretches all age groups and genres and help the world find its pillar. We want to discover ourselves through the music we make, and we hope that our fans do the same. ”

Some of our influences include Avenged Sevenfold, Guns N’ Roses, Disturbed, Three Days Grace and many others from within our music genre. You can find us on Facebook, Spotify and Twitter.

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