DJ RooKilla’s Favorite 4 From 2019

Local Brisbane band “MEDICS OF PAIN” released their debut album “LETS BANG” early 2019. Production is second to none, handled by Chris Ross of Pulpitation Studios. 10 tracks at just over 40mins, a good solid album. What would I class their genre, mmmm, Metal, Heavy F@#king Metal with deathly growls, but listenable vocals. To me, Deans vocals are quite in line with Jeff Walker of Carcass. Musicly the album is heavy as hell, big chunky grooves to bang your head too My stand out picks, the title track ‘LETS BANG’, ‘MATRON  OF HATE’, ‘IN THE GLISTENING RED’ & ‘TO CONQUER’ Don’t take my word for it, hit the link below and check ’em out for yourself.
DJ RooKilla

Sydney band LORD released their 5th album “FALLEN IDOLS” Honestly, it has everything on this album. It has the power metal sound that LORD has shaped, but there is thrash moments even bordering on death metal at points.Lord Tim’s vocals swing back and forth as well, hitting those high notes but also bringing some deathly growls to the plate as well.
The title track “FALLEN IDOLS” kicks ass, as does “NOD TO THE OLD SCHOOL” & “KILL OR BE KILLED” BUT, I can’t pick a fav. tune, I just play from start to finish each time. These guys just get better and better with each album, so check out LORD “FALLEN IDOLS”
DJ RooKilla

Exhorder, Mourn The Southern Skies.
Now, at this point I had never heard of Exhorder. I was talking with Jason Viebrooks about a project he was working on and he said I should check out Exhorder. Never heard of them I said, he then asked if I liked Pantera….
F@#K no was my reply. Jason: Dude, check out some Exhorder, read up on them. That was it, I now had to find out who these guys were…. well, they have done nothing for over 20 years, and no sooner had i said that, It’s all over the interwebs…… EXHORDER IS BACK. and they are right, these guys are back with vengence, one listen to this album and you will wonder “WHY has it taken so long?”
Fast, heavy, brutal, groove, it has it all. 10 tracks just under an hour. This album will sit proud in any metal heads collection, go check out “MOURN THE SOUTHERN SKIES” you will not be disapointed.
DJ RooKilla

Late in the year, Aussie boys MESHIAAK are back with “MASK OF ALL MISERY” it is so hard to believe that at this point these guys had never even played a show live, the follow up to 2016 ‘Alliance Of Thieves’ shows these guys are ready to play with the big guns. Where their debut album was in my opinion, perfection, “MASK” is in your face agression mixed into a progresive thrash metal attack!! Dan’s ferocius vocals highlight the entire album, even the ballad sounds angry!!
Openning with the instrumental ‘Miasma’ the mood quickly changes with the title track “MASK OF ALL MISERY” “CITY OF GHOSTS” “TEARS THAT BURN THE SON” then the balladish tune “DOVES” Im just overwhelmed by the whole album. The production is handled by guitarist Dean Wells (Teramaze, Meshiaak) 10 tracks just under an hour, this album sits up there with anything the big 4 can throw at you, get on it, your gonna love MESHIAAK!!!!
DJ RooKilla

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