Shinedown Debuts New Music in ‘The Expendables’ Trailer

A new SHINEDOWN cut of music has appeared in the trailer for The Expendables, a tub thumping new new movie starring Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis, and the brutal Arnold Schwarzenegger.

According to Yahoo! Movies, Stallone has also recruited guys who showed their toughness outside of movies. His team includes:

  • NFL pro-turned-actor Terry Crews
  • Four-time UFC Heavyweight Champ Randy Couture
  • WWE wrestler “Stone Cold” Steve Austin

While it seems like Stallone got every big star you can think of in the movie, there are a few others that were rumored for roles that didn’t pan out. Jean-Claude van Damme said that Stallone offered him a role which he turned down. Steven Seagal was also approached for a cameo, but he also said no. Stallone wrote a role with Wesley Snipes in mind, which then went to Forest Whitaker, who had to drop out for scheduling reasons. Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson was also considered, but it finally went to Terry Crews. The late Brittany Murphy was also cast, but her role was cut from the final edit.

The Expendables will be in movie theaters on August 13.

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